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Pollingtons Newspaper Testimonials

Our customer testimonials and reviews

Our customer testimonials

We pride ourselves in both punctuality and professionalism

St George’s Hill Golf Club have used Pollingtons newsagents to supply and deliver our daily newspapers for +20 years. They are always delivered on time every day. If there has been a small problem, which is very rare they have sorted it straight away without fuss. I would happily recommend Pollingtons services to anyone wanting a professional daily newspaper delivery.”

Jamie Colton

House Manager, St George’s Hill Golf Club

I have been a customer with Pollingtons for 30 years and found their delivery service to be very professional and very punctual.
Mr Lake

Residential client

We are extremely happy with the service Pollingtons provides us. They are consistently reliable, and have never missed a delivery. We couldn’t run our press office without them!


Kenneth Green Associates